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Hiii all,

I am using asterisk and compile all modules related to calendar.

neon version is 0.29.6. OS is ubuntu 11.10.

I configured ical for zimbra, caldav for google mail and ews for exchange
2010 calendar.

ical and caldav setup working fine and i am getting my calendar events
perfectly. But for exchange 2010 calendar i am getting following error.

“Unable to communicate with Exchange Web Service at ‘‘: Could not authenticate to
server: ignored NTLM challenge, GSSAPI authentication error: Unspecified
GSS failure. Minor code may provide more information: Credentials cache
file ‘/tmp/krb5cc_0’ not found”

my calendar.conf is as follows

type = ews ; type of calendar–currently supported: ical,
caldav, exchange, or ews
url = ; URL to MS Exchange EWS
user = ; Exchange username
secret = xxxxxx ; Exchange password
refresh = 10 ; refresh calendar every n minutes
timeframe = 20

calendar show status command shows following output

Calendar Type Status

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  • Dne 30.4.2012 11:09, Bharat Lalcheta napsal(a):

    user = ;
    Exchange username

  • Did you compile neon against openssl or the default internal ssl? I used
    against openssl.
    Make sure you have the rootca from the exchange server in /etc/ssl/certs

    The message/warning looks like the Exchange server expects a kerberos
    authentication. I have no experience with the EWS calendar module and
    using kerberos to authenticate.

    Hope this info helps.


  • Hii All,

    Thanks for helps. Problem solved. Its due to exchange side authentication
    problem. In exchange IIS server ,for EWS site only window authentication
    enabled which is not supported by neon library. Just enabled basic
    authentication for EWS site on IIS and its working fine now.

    Thanks for help..

    Bharat Lalcheta