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I am interested to know if there is any application or way to help me for
this Scenario:

When we put Callers in Q, the MOH will stop for announcements!
how if we able to increase the MOH (RT/TX) and then play any announce with
greater RX/TX ( and there so louder ) on the channel! without stoping MOH?

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  • This is an interesting idea, but at this time Asterisk’s app_queue has
    no ability to do what you are asking for.

  • Yep, But I think that is can be done, independent to Queue app.
    If we have an application which call MusicOnHold inside! maybe we can
    control simultaneously playing back of files…
    if we have such ability then it can be replaced by what exist inside the

    or maybe an application which written from scratch… can be help full.

  • I guess you could get crazy and start injecting audio onto the channel
    through the use of ChanSpy() in whisper mode. It could probably be
    triggered through AMI to execute a Local channel which then connects to
    the channel you want to play the audio back onto, and then whisper that
    audio over top of whatever playback is happening.

    Check the Audio Manipulation section of the Asterisk Cookbook for some
    simple examples here:

    I also talked a bit about injecting audio onto a channel at AstriCon
    2011 in my Cooking With Asterisk talk. It’s the last recipe I talk about
    in this video:

  • It’s hard to parse what you are saying, but yes… it would be possible
    for someone to write code to do what you want to do.

  • so nice! it’s a good idea.
    i will try it…

    On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 8:35 PM, Leif Madsen