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List users,

I have an AudioCodes nCite 1000 SBC that is end-of-life and I’m
looking to replace it with open source software. I believe one of the
SIP proxy projects will fit my needs, but I’m a bit overwhelmed by
the number of choices and I’d like the advice of experienced users
before I venture too far down any one path.

The projects that came to mind first were Kamailio, OpenSIPS, SER, and
SIP-Router, but I’m aware that there are others and I’m open to
suggestions. Please keep in mind that I’m looking for something
reasonably easy to setup and administer. I’m not looking to have it
setup tomorrow, but it must be something that a single skilled
Linux/Asterisk administrator could take on in addition to other daily

The functionality that I’m currently using on the nCite 1000 is:

SIP Proxy/B2BUA and RTP Proxy
* Internal call routing (private IP-to-private IP)
* External call routing (external IP-to-private IP and vice versa)
with topology hiding
* SIP header modification
* Digit manipulation (delete digits/add prefixes based on matching

* NAT traversal
* External registrations (registration bindings are maintained and
ports on the far end firewall are kept open)

* By source IP address or range
* By destination SIP proxy

Session Targets and Session Target Sets
* Individual SIP entities (e.g. Asterisk servers, SIP trunks) are
defined as session targets
* Session targets are grouped into sets with call distribution based
on priorities/weights

Call Routing
* Static Binding: All calls to an inbound SIP proxy are routed to
the same session target set via the same outbound SIP proxy
* Dial Pattern: All calls to an inbound SIP proxy are routed to
different session target sets via different outbound SIP proxies
based on dial patterns

Future Considerations
* TLS/SRTP support

Thank you,

Matthew Roth
InterMedia Marketing Solutions
Software Engineer and Systems Developer