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is there a way to put a certain SIP peer on state “busy” ?

I know you can do this by pressing “DND” on your IP-phone, but can this
state also be set in the dialplan ?



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  • Check the command “Busy()” of the dialplan, it return the busy state at the
    calling party.


    2012/4/26 Jonas Kellens

  • Thank you for your answer but this is not what I’m looking for.

    I want to place the state of a SIP peer ‘busy’.

    So that every time the peer is dialed with the Dial()-command or with
    Call Queues, there is no INVITE send to this peer.

    With other PBX-systems you can send some code ( for example #11# ) to
    put your phone on “DoNotDisturb” so it does not receive any calls.

    I want that with Asterisk.


  • Thanks for the link.

    As I understand, if the SIP peer is member of a queue (agent) then the
    example in your link is not usable ?

    I’m looking for a “global” way of putting a certain SIP peer “busy” or
    “away” or “DoNotDisturb”.


  • Jonas Kellens writes:

    You cannot actually achieve this by pressing “DND” on your IP-phone. All
    that will accomplish is that the phone answers all calls with “busy”,
    but Asterisk will keep bombarding it with calls if it happens to be
    member of a queue. This can be detrimental to the health of the


  • Two “hammer” options you could use – #1 use the sip notify to periodically
    reset the phone #2 set up a dialplan snippet to change the credentials of
    the peer and do a sip reload so it is disabled. (of course you would need a
    corresponding snippet to re-enable the phone).