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I received an email today from Junction Networks that they are
substantially increasing their monthly fee to the point that I’d be
cheaper getting a line from my local phone company. I’m now looking
for a replacement US carrier that supports IAX2.

I’m a home user and only need a single DID – preferably a local number
and only use a couple of hundred minutes of calls a month. All I need
is reasonably priced inbound and outbound IAX2 trunking, preferably
with the ability to set my CID.

If anyone has a low cost recommendation, I’d love to hear it.



4 thoughts on - Looking for IAX trunk/DID to replace Junction Networks

  • Joseph wrote:
    Voip.ms is high quality, handles number ports and supports both IAX2 and SIP
    2 different pricing plans, and their costs range from 4.95 to 7.95 per
    month depending on the rate center for one plan, and less with no free
    incoming minutes for their value plan

    Check out their excellent web site. Everyone I have suggested has been
    very pleased.

    Several different server locations as well.
    US and Canada
    Prepaid service
    Not associated with voip.ms

    John Novack

  • On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 6:17 PM, John Novack

    This looks like a perfect replacement that should save me a few
    dollars off my current price.

    Thanks to everyone for the suggestion,