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I have an Asterisk server connected to a Nortel Pbx via an E1.  Everything works fine, I get calls in and out with callerid. The problem that has been reported to me is the following scenario:

A call comes in from the PSTN and is answered by Asterisk. The person dials the operator (1000) which is on the Nortel side so connection is made through the E1. The operator answers  and then transfers the call back to a SIP extension on the Asterisk (1303). The result is no audio and a dropped call.

My main theory at the moment is that when the receptionist hangs up after the transfer the E1 drops on the Nortel side. Anyone here with  this type of integration seen this problem?

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  • The E1 between the Asterisk and Nortel is using R2 for signalling. The
    PSTN comes to Asterisk first and then send calls to the Nortel. When we
    started we were just replacing an automatic operator/voicemail system
    for the Nortel and all calls went there. The customer has been
    gradually shifting extensions to Asterisk and plans to phase out the
    Nortel completely by next year so we will see this problem crop up more