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I have been breaking my head on this, can’t find a solution.

Anyone know a way to mute DTMF on SIP? I have already tried changing the
dtmfmode option and messing with different codec/dtmfmode settings but so
far, not having any luck.

Not even sure changing the codec is an option but pulling at straws at the

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

One thought on - Mute DTMF

  • Hey,
    I not sure why your dtmfmode isn’t working. The way I turned off the dtmf
    within an IVR was:

    1- fix the dtmfmode of any sip user to rfc2833, so he is able to send dtmf
    to navigate within the IVR.
    2- For places where I wanted to ignore any user DTMF key presses, I changed
    the dtmfmode of channel in the dialplan.

    That way I knew that the call will be negotiated on rfc2833 but changing
    that during the call ignores any key presses and reverting back again makes
    it functional again !!

    I hope this helps.