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Hello, the following is an email from Daniel, of Kamailio project:

“ITSPA UK has unveiled the winners of its 4th annual Awards, an event designed to celebrate innovation and best practice in the VoIP industry:


Open Source VoIP Projects won a special category this year, Members’ Pick, for providing a real value to VoIP Industry.

I had the chance to attend the event in London and I have been selected to pick up the award. I made a news on the website of the project I am mainly involved in (Kamailio) with more details:

As you would expect, a complete voip platform usually involves several open source projects, for components such as load balancers, registrar, proxy, gateways or media servers, thus the decision of ITSPA for awarding to the group.

It was rare when Asterisk was not mentioned as part of the VoIP systems in use by the ITSPA members I spoke to, no surprise! A significant part of the award is therefore (to be paint with) Asterisk logo. As another long time user of Asterisk project, I take the opportunity to send again my thanks to the people behind the project.

If anyone is looking for more insights (for news, blogs, personal curiosity) about the event, just drop me an email!”