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Tough Freepbx is not the main focus of this list, may I ask if Freepbx
and its End Point Manager module can work in an environment with an
HTTP proxy ?

In my testing, everything works OK but one thing: I can’t upload End
Point product list :

in End Point Configuration tab, when I click over Check for Updates
button, I get this:
Not able to connect to repository. Using local master file instead.
Aborting Brand Downloads. Can’t Get Master File, Assuming Timeout Issues!
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Any pointer would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I’ve tried this in the past and while FreePBX and its base modules work
    fine in an http proxy environment, some applications like fop2 fail to
    connect properly as they obviously rely on direct connections via ajax
    using the browser as a client.

    That said, I’ve never tested the end point manager in this capacity.
    The error seems to indicate the module doesn’t have connectivity when
    trying to access something on the internet or it’s getting a 404 or

    Are you able to update and install freepbx modules in a similar manner
    from the same freepbx installation while it’s running behind the proxy?
    That should tell you whether or not your problem is stemming from
    general connectivity issues and not just the end point module in that
    regard. Always helps to rule stuff out.

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  • 2012/3/22, John Knight :

    With tcpdump I compared a working (without proxy) and a non-working
    (with a proxy) Freepbx installations.
    In the working one, I can see freepbx and
    exchanging SYN and ACK packets before the first HTTP GET

    In the non-working one, I can see freepbx sending a SYN packet to and obviously waiting for an answer that do not

    So to me, the End Point Manager module do not care about any of my
    proxy settings (in /etc/profile, /etc/apache2/envvars and
    I took a quick look at source source but could not find anything relevant.


    I think there is a specific issue within this module.