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I would like to test the following COLP use case :

Alice and Bob are both using a SIP phone registered on a Asterisk 10 server.
Alice dials Bob’s extension.
While Bob’s phone is ringing, Asterisk updates Alice phone screen with
Bob’s name, so that at a glance, Alice can check she dialed the
correct number.

Before diving into Asterisk documentation, I would be happy to be
confirmed if one of the following SIP phone support this feature :

Aastra 57i
Yealink T26
Cisco 525G
Thomson ST2030S


2 thoughts on - Which SIP phone “comply” with COLP feature

  • Am 20.03.12 10:15, schrieb Olivier:

    i dont know about the other phones but Cisco SPA525g are able to do
    this, also the sip updates after a transfer / pickup.

    Also the spa 50x can do this without any problem.

    best regards


  • 2012/3/21, Stefan Schmidt :

    Thanks for replying : I was a bit desesperate to take this COLP
    feature on without the confidence that I may succeed.