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On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 05:44:53PM +0100, Johann Steinwendtner wrote:

> is there a way to disable a span for maintenance purpose (i.e. send yellow alarm) ?
This could be a good feature to add to the dahdi_maint utility.

> What would be the correct ioctl definition ? DAHDI_MAINT seems not to be the right
> candidate.
You could add an additional context in the DAHDI_MAINT ioctl handler of your
base card to set/unset the yellow alarm bit in the framer. For an example, see
the Yellow Alarm handler in t4_check_alarms() and the DAHDI_MAINT ioctl handler
in t4_maint() in drivers/dahdi/wct4xxp/base.c

> Would DAHDI_SHUTDOWN send an alarm ?
No. This will shutdown the entire card.