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Hi guys,
I am working on a setup where I have an Asterisk ( with a SIP trunk
to a provider’s softswitch(IMS). Trunking works all ok, calling out and
calling in. Except for the remote softswitch(IMS) will send UPDATE
command(according to RFC 3311) and Asterisk does not accept and thus the
call gets dropped.

So, is there a work around for this matter? Or any of you had similar
problem, I really appreciate any directions.

The interesting part is that, they have an appliance based Asterisk that
works perfectly fine, so I assume that it actually works ok. Just need to
find out hows that possible..


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  • Asterisk 1.6.2 (and most other versions, if not all) does *not*
    advertise support for the UPDATE request method in the Allow headers it
    includes in SIP requests and responses. If your provider’s SIP
    softswitch is sending UPDATE requests anyway, it is broken, and it
    should expect them to fail.

  • So since remote UPDATE is not supported, this project of mine would fail. Is that correct?

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  • If your chosen provider is going to send SIP requests to your system
    that are not supported, and then drop calls when those requests are
    rejected, then yes, you have a problem. Of course, you could always
    choose a different provider that implements SIP properly, or you could
    talk to that provider about correcting the behavior of their system.

    Alternatively, you could move to Asterisk 1.8, which in addition to
    being a supported release (unlike Asterisk, which is not
    supported and isn’t even the most recent 1.6.2.x release) also will
    properly respond to UPDATE requests (although it still won’t advertise
    that it supports them, but it does).