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Apologies for the top post, something is screwed up with my email client,
will fix it soon.

What a BS story that I have debunked many times. A used Key System could
be purchased for a few hundred dollars, a much better investment then
writing your own PBX from scratch.

A company that is supposed to provide linux services wasting it’s time on
such a huge undertaking would go under very quickly. Where is the revenue

Adtran was behind it from the start. I have posted about this and it can
be found with other comments to provide more backing. After making my
theory on the list, a former employee of digium who did actual hardware and
firmware engineering verified my theory (anonymous for now, I don’t
remember if he gave me permission to use his name but Mark will certainly
know M.P.)

Then this took place several years later which made things concrete in my

There are a few articles that address my theory and back it up with
more evidence.

Also, check google maps for the offices of Digium and Adtran, unless they
moved, they were next door neighbors practically.

Shady stories like this cast a shadow over the reputation of Digium. I
appreciate all that Digium has done but let’s be realistic, the story is BS
and they are broadcasting it. My duty is to call out BS for what it is.

Same deal with Vyatta and Cisco, just do some digging.

Steve T