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I have hundreds of sip endpoints (mostly Polycom) which i would like to immediate request them to reregister when we failover/fallback to the standby server.

However it takes so long and i would like to know if there is a command to force all sip peers to attempt registration. I have tried both ‘service asterisk restart’ and ‘reload’ in vain. IP phones can be accessed at that time but no registration happen.


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  • No, only endpoints decide when to retry registration attempts. If the registration info is your only means of knowing how to reach those peers from Asterisk, and that information is still valid at a given time, it wouldn’t make much sense to force them to reregister, would it? 🙂 And if the information is invalid, you have no means of reaching them for the purpose of executing such a remote trigger, even if it did exist.

    The only thing you can do is lower the registration interval Asterisk asks of the phones.

  • You should be able to configure the Polycom phones to failover/failback more quickly. Check the Admin Guide.

  • I second Eric’s opinion, Polycom are like the Borg,
    (I hope I spelled it right). The fact that you have
    100’s of units deployed should only help you out,when
    it comes to Polycom.

  • If you really want to be “big brother” just run this script when the
    failover occurs:
    for a in `asterisk -rx “sip show peers”|cut -f1 -d/` ;do asterisk -rx “sip
    nofify polycom-check-conf $a”;done
    This will cause each of your polycom sip peers to reset.

  • As Alex pointed out, if the Asterisk server in question needs the phones
    to re-register in order to send them calls, then it probably cannot send
    them SIP NOTIFY requests either.

    In addition, this NOTIFY request does not cause a Polycom phone to
    “reset”. It instructs the phone to check its provisioning server for any
    changes to its configuration, and if there are any then apply them
    (rebooting if necessary). If the configuration has not changed, sending
    the phone a check-conf NOTIFY should be a no-op.

  • This. I don’t see how it would be possible to tell the phones to
    reboot unless you sent it from the server they are *currently*
    registered to. And if you can do that…you don’t need to do that…

    Make a small script that uses the touch command to update the
    Polycom’s config file mod time/date. Then issue the standard CLI
    command for them to check config. No need to actually modify the
    file, it just looks at date/time.

  • … and since ANY change in a Polycom phone config file results in a
    reboot 🙂 (well, that’s not as true as it once was)

  • I think (since I opened this particular can-o-worms) that it depends on your
    bootrom/sip level.

  • As Kevin pointed out, it is obvious that there is no way of remote reset
    those phones since their registration status are unknown.

    SIP NOTIFY will only attempt to consult a registered phone and therefore
    no need, should it be that way

    Let me reconsult polyocm guide and see if there is a quicker way as Eric