app_rpt and chan_usbradio removal from trunk


On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 11:56:12AM -0600, Josh Freeman wrote:
> Just to inform the list -
> App_rpt and chan_usbradio are still regularly used and maintained, but
> now live in a repository at along with the forked-off builds
> of Asterisk 1.4 and Zaptel that are required to have them work properly.
> I'm told there is some fundamental incompatibility between canonical
> Zaptel/DAHDI and the radio application that can't be effectively worked
> around, or would take more effort than it would be worth…

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SIP and NAT best practices in Asterisk


What should I do in order to to be as secure as possible and with “clean” logs?

Well, for an article about Asterisk security best practices, consider reading this article. About SIP and NAT best practices, in short, the simplest answer is to always use ‘nat=yes’ (or at least ‘nat=force_rport’ in recent versions of Asterisk that support it), until you come across a SIP endpoint that fails to work properly with that setting. If you do come across such an endpoint, try hard to get it to work with that setting; if you…

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