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Hi all

I am having some serious trouble finding out how a legacy system is put together. I’ve almost figured it out, but now I am unable to find what AGI script is actually being used. The system has a lot of code in various states, including Adhearsion and RAGI, but neither seems to be running! Using port for AGI (4573) I’ve tracked it down to the following:

Asterisk machine (X.X.X.X) shows asterisk linking up to port 4573 on another machine (Y.Y.Y.Y):

tcp 0 0 X.X.X.X:56069 Y.Y.Y.Y:4573 ESTABLISHED 29265/asterisk

On other machine, Y.Y.Y.Y:4573 shows a pid and process named “self”:

tcp 0 0 Y.Y.Y.Y:4573 X.X.X.X:56069 ESTABLISHED 9522/self

On this same machine, ps aux shows:

root 9522 0.2 5.5 120752 115108 ? S 2011 330:43 self

I’ve searched for something that might be named “self” and have found nothing other than /proc/self which contains my current shell environment.

The guys who designed this system are not available to me and they left something of a mess without any documentation. I am in the process of recreating their entire setup (5 boxes) on another site and feel I’m almost done, except for this one “small” thing of finding out what they use for AGI scripting. I can’t mess around with code on the running system to try and trace what is going on so I’m basically stuck.

Does anybody have any idea what might be going on?


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