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Hello list,

I’m looking for a solution where I need a DECT system with handover or
repeaters for at least 10 simultaneous calls. The Snom m9 supports
handover but I believe it’s incompatible with asterisk since it requires
to have the same SIP account associated with multiple IPs. I’m looking
at Polycom’s wireless servers but I couldn’t figure out exactly how they
work. Does the KIRK Wireless Server 300 support handover in a asterisk
compatible way?

Best regards,
Paulo Santos

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  • Hi Paulo,

    The Kirk systems don’t actually have an “asterisk compatible” handover.

    What happens is the kirk base does all of the sip registrations and call
    handling. The phones then talk DECT back to the base – all of the handover
    is done at the DECT level so asterisk doesn’t even know it’s happening.

    The KWS300 is PoE too which is kind of handy – the repeaters donĀ¹t need
    any form of ip connectivity – just power.

    A few hints since I’ve deployed a few of these:
    A) make sure you do a decent site survey before quoting (basically get a
    phone and a base station, start up the signal monitor and hop on a call).
    We had to get an extra 4 devices on my first deployment.
    B) I’ve found the 4020 series handsets to be a little fragile – one of my
    customers has destroyed 8 of these.
    C) the KWS300 actually transmits a wireless signal the others models
    require separate base stations.
    D) you can purchase repeaters in either a 4 channel or 2 channel and can
    have a maximum of three repeaters in a “chain”.


  • Il 23/02/2012 13.54, Paulo Santos ha scritto:

    Both systems you mentioned are “single cell” so the term handover
    doesn’t make sense at all. Repeaters simply expand the single cell.
    Also both w300 and M9 supports only 4 concurrent calls.
    However the Polycon/Kirk 300 solution works very well in asterisk.

    Almost all DECT professional systems offer 8 concurrent calls per cell
    because some channels are needed to ensure handover support.
    To get 10 concurrent dect calls You should move to a multicell system
    like Aastra RFP or Polycom/Kirk 6000.
    Gigaset also now offer a new and very interesting sip/dect system called
    N720 wich support both handover and roaming: