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I’m trying to install dahdi. I just need the dahdi timer for
I currently using digium debian package for asterisk
When i install asterisk-dahdi , i’ve got several dependencies which
came for official debian repository (including the dahdi package) and
are outdated.
Is it normal than dahdi is not include into digium packages ? Do i have
to compil it before install asterisk-dahdi ?

Thanks for your help.

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  • Yes, we do not package DAHDI and rely on the OS version. So it is
    possible that some of the dependencies will be from Debian.

    As long as the asterisk-dahdi package comes for the same repository as
    the asterisk package you should be fine.

  • Debian packages are designed for “least surprise”. By the time a package has
    made it to “Stable” it is pretty thoroughly tested, but may be out of date.

    My best suggestion? Uninstall and purge any Debian packages you installed
    (backup needed config files first …..) and just install Dahdi and Asterisk
    from the Source Code.

  • I don’t know how to reply to this. I can only assume you only manage a
    single box. What if OP is running more then 1 asterisk box, manually
    compiling asterisk and installing it each time would not be the best

  • You can install dahdi kernel modules with the deb package source and the
    debian tool module-assistant


    apt-get install dahdi-source
    m-a a-i dahdi
    dpkg -i dahdi-modules-2.6.*.deb

  • Then you build your own .deb package, and install that on all the boxes you
    manage (assuming the same architecture).