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I’m attempting to pull SIP users from LDAP, following the instructions from here:

However, when I attempt to register a user from LDAP, I see on the console:

chan_sip.c:24431 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘‘ failed for ‘’ – No matching peer found

Poking around with tcpdump I see that Asterisk sends a query to the LDAP server, and gets a response for that user, so the connection is working at least. So, Asterisk must not be recognizing the record as valid. However, I have no idea why. Is there some more verbose logging that can be enabled? How can I do test lookups with the realtime engine? I can’t find any place to start troubleshooting this issue.

I’m full of other questions, like:

what’s the difference between “sipusers” and “sippeers” in extconfig.conf?

what happens if I don’t provide all of the attributes (amaflags, callgroup, callerid…there are dozens listen in res_ldap.conf) in my LDAP directory? I don’t really want to duplicate all those settings for each user in my organization: that’s not very managable.

Any guidance from someone who’s been down this road would be appreciated.