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I’ve read here and there how Asterisk could send SMS but I didn’t find
much about how to receive SMS and forward them to an email box.

1. First of all, I don’t think my telco would let me receive any SMS
my landline.

2. Maybe I could find providers selling this service for a monthly fee;

3. I could build and operate my own infrastructure.

Given this asterisk-users mailing-list purpose, and for curiosity’s
sake, how could I build my own SMS reception service with Asterisk
(1.6.1 or later) ?
Which channel (chan_mobile, chan_datacard, …) and hardware would be
appropriate ?
Suggestions ?


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  • First. move to Europe. Asterisk’s SMS support is for SMS over PSTN, which is supported by carriers in Europe, but not in the USA. You would use DAHDI.

  • Le 16/02/2012 16:55, Olivier a écrit :

    Why? If I assume well you’re in France, so no problem.

    If your point 1) view is true, it will change nothing 😉

    What we did.

    Anyway, the problem is not here. If you follow it’s working, but,
    at least for France (true around one year back):

    stupid as they ask to press 1 to listen the message or you can wait 15
    sec and start recording, perhaps you will get it or part of. But if they
    change their announce message, you have at first to know it and then
    recalculate the delay. Crazy. An answer machine will have same problem.
    – ORANGE is working but we also faced some SMS sended as voice message
    – BOUYGUES wasn’t tested

    We stopped to work on this as each mobile operator do what he want, SMS
    gateways being not better. To unstable to rely on it.

    Hope that helped

  • 2012/2/16, Administrator TOOTAI :
    I meant “my telco wouldn’t let me receive any SMS”

    You mean you can receive SMS on a landline in France (or the opposite) ?

    If a gateway has its own SIM card and GSM stuff, should it receive SMS ?

    Yes it helped !

  • Le 18/02/2012 00:17, Gilles a écrit :

    Not true. Some GWs have only a phone port that you connect to an ATA.

  • We’re using a GSM gateway to send SMS messages from our network
    monitoring system. Once you dig through some chipset specs it was
    suprisingly easy to start sending SMS messages. While we didn’t
    investigate receiving messages fully we did one quick test and that was
    easy enough. You just need some daemon to monitor the gateway to see if
    it has received a message and pass it on to Asterisk, sending the other
    way around is not that different.

  • On Sat, 18 Feb 2012 20:50:25 +0100, Andreas Sikkema wrote:

    Thanks for the feedback. Can someone recommend GSM gateways for small

  • On Sat, 18 Feb 2012 12:21:31 +0100, Administrator TOOTAI

    Good to know. What brands/models would you recommend?