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Anyone have an H.323 trunk tied between their Avaya and Asterisk box that
works? I am having some issues trying to get the two systems to connect. I
am using the ooh323 channel to try to make the connection between the two
system. I have all my configs if anyone would like to look over them. If I
do a trace on Avaya I get a denial event 1191: Network Failure.


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  • I have a trunk to an Avaya IP Office 500. It works mostly, but there are a few lingering issues keeping me from using it in production. Namely, DTMF seems to be passed between Asterisk and Avaya, but not from Asterisk, through Avaya, to our SIP trunk. Also, I haven’t yet gotten the caller ID to be what I want.

    I can share more detail of my configs, but first, you didn’t say what kind of Avaya you have. IP Office? Or something else?

  • I am on a difinity system, Communication Manager version 5.2. Trying to use
    asterisk as my voice mail server and get rid of my Intuity Audix.

  • This thread is also very helpful to me, because we are facing the same
    issue with Avaya.
    Thanks for your time.


  • I have Avaya IPOffice 403 talking to my Asterisk 1.8.x with virtually no
    issues using OOH323.

    I am having some minor issues with the name portion of the caller ID
    sent to Avaya. That may be relalted to a way FreePBX created the dial
    plan. Maybe not. Never had time to systematically look into this one.

    I spent some time working with the OOH323 maintainer / developer to iron
    out the networking issues specific to Avaya’s implementation of H.323.