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Hi all !

We currently have an asterisk box that is rather old (runs Asterisk, and it’s connected to the PSTN with a sangoma A104d card.

Now we have a new PRI at another location, and I use that occasion to
build 2 new servers, one to replace our aging one and a new one for this new

So I downloaded the lastest libpri / asterisk / wanpipe driver, but the
previous version of dahdi (2.5), since the latest wanpipe isn’t compatible
with dahdi 2.6. All is built from source

Now, all seems to be working OK. I can connect a SIP phone to my new box,
make calls to the outside, receive calls etc.

But, I can’t seem to bridge a call. So on my new server, with the new PRI, I
got a Sangoma a104 card (no echo-canceler on this one).

In my extensions.ael, I got this :

418nxxxxx1 => {
Wait (2);


Where 418nxxxxx1 is a DID on my new PRI and 418nxxxxx2 is my cellphone

When I do a call from my home phone or cell phone to my new PRI to
418nxxxxx1, I hear the demo-thanks file, and then it dials out. My cellphone
rings, but as soon as I pick up the call, the calls hangs up :

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  • My guess is your new setup is trying to do a PRI 2B Transfer (meaning
    that Asterisk is trying to handoff two B channels of a PRI to the
    upstream switch). It is probably being rejected and the call is hanging
    up. You will need to dig into the PRI debug of both scenarios and
    compare. I was not even aware that Asterisk could do that so it may be
    some new feature being worked on.

  • (…)

    My god !

    That was it !

    It was enabled, I had transfer = yes, but there was no mention of
    facilityenable. I disabled it, restarted asterisk, and voilĂ  !

    Thanks for pointing that out !