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The news of Digium IP Phones have got a big number of people giving their opinion on the subject. Some of the inquiries are about the manufacturing process, others even question the very reasons for Digium to launch phones (after all, they are entering to a very tight and busy phone market).

The fact that Digium itself is manufacturing and designing the phones brings good news for us, developers. The Digium’s team was ordered to create the easiest phone to install, integrate, provision and use. After the general availability date of these phones comes (April 2012), we will see if the engineers delivered on that goal.


  • The new phones are easier to auto-discover and configure them.
  • ┬áThe application an the phone now will be more integrated as the phones have been thought in a way that they can access all sorts of user status and system information.
  • Custom developer’s application will now be able to run directly in the phone thanks to an application engine that has been included.

In those places with good broadband connection service available, like O2, this opens a new realm of possibilities. Now the tools for a complete VoIP solution have been provided with the introduction of this Astersisk-specifical oriented phones.

Could you even imagine what could a community of more than 80,000 users and developers do now that the maximum flexibility ever thought will be in both sides of the VoIP solution?. Even at home (for those who are hobbyist) you could set your own VoIP solution and adapt it to fit your needs.

This is the beginning of a new era of innovative solutions to rise. If you would like to introduce yourself in the world of VoIP, don’t miss some future articles where I’ll be covering the installation details and “obscure” (not really) steps about how to set your own VoIP solution at home.