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On Wed, Feb 01, 2012 at 06:47:49PM -0500, James Sharp wrote:
> On 02/01/2012 02:17 PM, bilal ghayyad wrote:
> >Hi All;
> >
> >I heard from some friends that there are a dsl router that has Linux OS
> >and it has asterisk on it, so the ip phone can register on this router,
> >also if the router has FXS or FXO ports then it can be used to place
> >calls through them.

Build your own. Search for e.g. OpenWRT. I currently run Asterisk (from
a Debian package) on a DreamPlug running a stock Debian/armel system.

As a rule of thumb: you need a “router” with an option for extra storage
(e.g. through USB).

> >
> >Is it really? Where I can these routers? Did anyone try it to tell us if
> >it is stable and working fine?
> >
> >Regards
> >Bilal
> The Cisco DDR2200 that I just got from Centurylink for DSL appears
> to be just that. I haven’t tested the FXS ports on it yet, though.

Is there any such device with drivers for the FXS and / or FXO ports? has FXS, but I’m not sure about