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I am having problems with a deadlock in Asterisk

The system is a x86_64 machine that is being used as a callcenter. The agents log in via the AgentLogin application, and each Agent/XXXX channel is assigned to one or more queues. A custom separate process generates calls into the queues for the agents to
answer. The calls all go out through a SIP trunk, and all of the agent extensions are SIP. After an hour or so, asterisk deadlocks. Any attempt to run “agent show” or “agent show online” through the console hangs. Also, AMI events seem to stop. However,
the users seem to be still connected, only they do not receive calls anymore (the custom process waits forever for the Originate response). The deadlock is apparently spontaneous – there is no explicit action taken by the administrator that seems to induce
the issue. I will try to make sense of the attached traces, but I hope someone on the list could provide a clue on what to look for.

Backtraces attached to