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I’ve just upgraded from to 10.1.0-rc2. Now I’m getting a flood of:

WARNING[5100]: db.c:295 ast_db_put: Couldn’t execute statment: SQL logic
error or missing database

AFAIK, I’m not doing any database puts (or gets). There were no such
warnings in

What do I need to do to silence these warnings?


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  • Are you by chance using templates (!) In your sip.con? Ive had access denied errors befor when running as non root.

  • Open an issue in JIRA, we’ll likely try and triage the issue has high,
    since it could break every system upgrading to Asterisk 10.

    FWIW: This is likely a conversion issue to sqlite3 for astdb, so if you
    can attach your astdb file from asterisk too, it will help to
    see what is happening.

  • Look at the beginning of the logs when Asterisk starts. Is there an error printed about a failed DB conversion? If so, it will have instructions on how to resolve the error. Make sure that the astdb2sqlite3 application is selected in menuselect, is built, and installed in your path. It should be very difficult for this not to happen automatically. What was the process you went through to do the upgrade? Is Asterisk installed in someplace non-standard? Running non-root? I’d like to know as much as possible so I can make sure it doesn’t happen to other people as well.