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I am attempting to make a SIP call between an Asterisk 10 server and an Asterisk 1.8 system but when it goes to VM and the first prompt plays the line drops and I see on the V10 console:

[Jan 23 15:47:04] WARNING[7859]: chan_sip.c:8944 process_sdp: Insufficient information for SDP (m= not found)

Any ideas please as the codecs at each end look okay ?

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  • There is either an error in the SDP generated by one end, or an error in
    the parser at the end receiving it. Posting the actual messages involved
    would help tremendously, because otherwise ‘ideas’ would be just guesses.

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  • LOL 🙂 that really made me chuckle this morning; and very apt for the fact I did not post any fundamental details about the issue. All points duly noted!

  • I wasn’t so much poking fun at the substance of your post as the fact that you’re the only person on this mailing list that posts with a pseudonym, and at that, one evocative of online gaming or forum environments. It just doesn’t fit with the culture or the relatively serious, substantive and adult-oriented tenor of this type of list. Do you not notice that?

    At the risk of being rude, “–[ UxBoD ]–” is something that belongs in WoW or a phpBB board full of spotty adolescents.

    If your real name is Phil, why not post as such? Okay, so maybe you don’t want to give out your surname for one reason or another–fair enough. So, post as “Phil”, or “Phil D.”, if your full name were Phil Deleterious.

    There’s no rule saying you have to. However, the survival of most human social institutions, including those devoted to the exchange of knowledge, is upheld in part by adherence to some conventions of self-presentation and deportment. These conventions help delineate the identity and character of the venue to outsiders, and assist in self-knowledge and affirmation of that character internally.

    Everyone else here posts with their full name because it communicates: “I am a real, adult person solving real-world technical problems related to Asterisk.” It is, at least in part, an affirmation of the fact that real personalities–real humans, real identities–underlie participation in Internet forums, especially specialised ones. It is also a nod to the benificent academic origins of the Internet. There are reasons for these conventions. They encapsulate our creation mythos, and they tell us what kind of people we are, as a community.

    Quite frankly, your From: display name spits on the pedigree, on the storied heritage of how this open-source community came to be. It is not deferential to the accrued wisdom of Internet-focused technical specialists in areas such as Asterisk or IP telephony, and it does not hallow the ground on which we tread. It says that the ROFLcopter has landed!!!111 and lol p0wned teh n00bs.

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  • Alex, I would hate for you to have to pen such a long email again using your mobile and do appreciate the comments hence the change to appear more human.

  • Phil has been using his pseudonym for years, and Alex and his
    painful/painstaking posting is the only one I have seen even raising the

    Says even more about Alex than Phil

    Peg Leg O’Brien

    Alex Balashov wrote:

  • Doubt really care TBH and the whole reason behind it was a nickname, Unix Bod, given to me by a very knowledgeable friend. I am here to learn from the community and give back where I can.

  • Phil, I applaud both the diplomacy of your responses and your
    willingness to consider the critique. It was very gentlemanly of you.

    For the interlopers cashing in cheap shots, my enthusiasm is more