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A calls B and B has it’s phone forwarded to C. So the call rings at C.
Is there any way to inform A about that forwarding? Best way would be
to update the called name so A has “B forwarded to C” in his display.
Any chance to get this?
I tried “Set(REDIRECTING(to-name)=…)”. This sends a “SIP/2.0 181
Call is being forwarded” to the calling phone, but with no information
about the new callee name.


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  • Asterisk 1.8 and later will do this automatically; if the phone can
    display the redirection information, it will get displayed (not all
    phones can do so).

  • Thanks for the feedback. Any documentation abount COLP? On
    voip-info.org there is noting.
    The redirection is done in Asterisk dialplan, so I have to tell phone
    A about the forwarding.
    exten => B,1,Dial(SIP/C)
    So I need a dialplan function or something else to send an update to
    phone A.


  • Hello Eric,

    That does not work. CONNECTEDLINE is for answered calls.
    A calls B. B has a forward to C in Asterisk dialplan. A want’s to
    notice the forwarding _before_ C answers. Cause A only want to speak
    to B.
    Sorry if that was not clear before.


  • Are both A and B extensions of the same Asterisk system or is A an
    inbound caller ?

    2012/1/16, Gunnar Schaller :