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Hi y’all,

is there a possibility from within asterisk to write CDR into can
ical-calendar? Being a (part time) IT-Support-Monkey for almost two decades
and probably brain-dead since the late 90ties, i usually can’t remember to
whom i’ve talked to yesterday, let alone a week ago ;). If i could see the
calls as a meeting in outlook/thunderbird, this could be extremely
helpfull. I guess i can whip up a perl script that read’s some cdr (csv or
sql) and send’s it to ical, but that would not be as nice as if asterisk
would directly insert a meeting into ical right after the call ended… Off
course, i used google, but all that turned up was hint’s how to do cdr, and
how to use calendars from the dialplan, but not if cdr can directly handle




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  • No, there is no support for storing CDRs into calendars, but you can
    certainly use res_calendar from the ‘h’ extension in your dialplan to
    store information about a completed call into a calendar of your
    choosing. In fact, I’m pretty sure an example of doing exactly this was
    published right after calendar support was added to Asterisk.