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I’m using with the RealTime architecture.

If a call goes into application Queue and is abandoned by the caller, no
entry is made in the CDR. Entries are made into the queue log.

This cannot be correct behaviour, all calls should show in the CDR.

Could anyone else try to reproduce this and if others get the same
thing, I’ll raise a bug on it.



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  • Hi Jim

    Not really, I looked at that earlier and it doesn’t really apply to
    this. Even with unanswered=no I should get 1 CDR entry for an abandoned
    call and with unanswered=yes I would get a CDR entry for every interface
    that was rung which I don’t want.


  • Hi Everyone

    This issue has reared it’s ugly head again for us. If a call comes into a queue and the caller abandons the call, the call does not show in the CDR.

    This is also the case for asterisk version 1.8.18

    Does anyone have any ideas, or try to replicate it?

    Thanks in advance


  • Do you have unanswered=yes set in cdr.conf?

    CDRs in Queues can depend heavily on your dialplan, whether or not the call is Answered prior to it going into the Queue, etc. What is the state of the inbound channel when it goes into the Queue?

  • unanswered=yes in the cdr.conf would have too many side effects for us
    (i.e. a single cdr entry for each channel rung).

    To me this behaviour seems inconsistent with that of Dial. If I use dial to call 3 peers and the caller abandons the call I will get a single CDR
    entry with disposition NO ANSWER. Now if I use Queue to call the same 3
    peers that are members of that queue and abandon the call, I get no cdr entry at all.

    This to me seems wrong.



  • Hi Ish –

    The behaviour of CDRs in Queue can be interesting at times, and doesn’t always match the behaviour of what occurs through Dial. In this particular case, because Queue doesn’t Answer a call automatically for you, a lack of an Answer prior to going into Queue means the
    ‘unanswered’ logic kicks in for the CDRs. Hence, if a caller abandons a call attempt and no agent ever answered it, Queue/CDR code treats the call as never having been answered and, if you don’t have unanswered=yes in your cdr.conf, will not log an entry.

    Note that there are a few other quirks with CDRs in queues in this and related scenarios, particularly when some of the members are busy (see ASTERISK-17776). We discussed making changes to this behaviour in release branches (see, but decided against it due to the ripple effect changes in CDRs have on users. If you’re running into similar behaviour, you may want to backport those changes to your version.


  • Hi Matt

    Thanks for the comprehensive response. I think I had better get tinkering but at least I’m now better informed.


  • Hi Matt/anyone

    The only way I can get the desired behaviour is if I do a dial for one second before the queue is called. This gives me a No answer disposition if the caller abandons the call while in the queue.

    I tried ringing, answer and playback. The latter 2 always set the disposition to answered, even when the call is abandoned.

    So, is there any other application that answers the channel without setting the disposition like Dial does?