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I am trying to run load on asterisk server(version for the voicemail() application using SIPp tool. I am just running sipp at call rate of 1 cps with the following command:

./sipp -m 9000 -r 1 -rp 1000 -d 45 -max_socket 65536 -sf uac_msg_deposit.xml -i -s 1 –trace_err

I am trying to deposit 9000 messages in the mailbox of user 1 (given by the -s option) but the following  warning is coming on the asterisk server due to which the message does not get deposited into the users mailbox:


No audio available on SIP/

I have set rtpstart=6000 and rtpend=20000 in rtp.conf.

Can someone please let me know how to avoid these kind of warnings.



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