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I use a simple script to enable/disable for voicemail on an extension
for testing (attached: test_voicemail). The script only created the txt
file, but I don’t suppose this should matter.

I set up a mailbox. The new message shows fine in ‘voicemail show users’
(The new user takes ‘voicemail reload’ for it to be added on the list,
but after it has been initially added , it seems to be updated
immediately (or by running ‘voicemail show users’?).

However the voicemail indication to the tested phone (in chan_dahdi, in
this case) did not follow suit: it never updates. Even a full ‘dahdi
restart’ is not good enough. Nothing short of a restart of asterisk
seems to make it update.

Looking further I see that the MWI values are cached:

kemeny*CLI> event dump cache MWI
Event Type: MWI
Cache Unique Keys:

One thought on - cached VMI on manual voicemail update

  • It’s a feature. To enable such polls, set:

    pollmailboxes = yes
    ;pollfrequency = NN ; seconds

    Thanks to mjordan on IRC.