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I have an Opensips server dispatching to 3 Asterisk servers. I would
like to assign public IPs to all of these servers and avoid NAT
altogether – phones will also have public IPs. The way I set this in the
lab, all the SIP traffic goes thru the SIP proxy (Opensips) and RTP
goes directly between the Asterisk servers and the UAs.

The issue is that our provider (they will be both sip trunk and internet
access provider for us) wants to assign us only 1 public IP on their
voice network – they are saying that the above design is unusual. I’m
new to this, is it?

If we end up getting only 1 public IP, I assume putting all behind NAT
(or assigning the public IP to opensips and putting the asterisk servers
behind NAT) will do it. rtpproxy is also setup on the Opensips server
just in case – I can use it to force the RTP traffic thru the sip proxy.
Any other way?

All I want to do is load balance the RTP traffic, avoid any unnecessay processing and bottlenecks (rtpproxy, etc.).

Any thoughts?