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This is not strictly an asterisk questions, but… ive got a client with an old digital pbx phone systems connected to an isdn30e line.

I’ve been shown a sip gateway that can connect to asterisk on one side, and also has an ISDN30e socket that the old phone system can connect to. But it’s a bit pricey.

Is there such a thing as an ISDN30e PCI card which can be used with a copy of Asterisk, that can act like a voip gateway between the old phone system, and our asterisk box?
Or can anyone recommend a gateway that isn’t too expensive?
They use 8 channels of the isdn30e

Many thanks

Dan Journo
Kesher Communications (UK)
Business Phone Systems | Hosted PBX

4 thoughts on - Connecting to an Old Phone System

  • Is there any reason why you can’t just install a card with two PRI ports
    (e.g. TE210P, or an inexpensive clone) in your Asterisk box; one configured as
    NET for the old phone system to plug into, and the other configured as CPE to
    plug into the real ISDN line?

    You should be able to route calls from anywhere (LAN, ISDN30, PABX, internet)
    to anywhere else, with the right dialplan.

  • I’ve done this with US ISDN PRI. Both with a Digium card (PCI) and an
    Astribank (USB). I’d expect it’s doable with the several products that
    support Euro ISDN.

    You can set up a simple VoIP gateway, but you can also do all sorts of magic
    things in the Asterisk system for selected calls before or in lieu of
    passing them along to the legacy system.

  • Yes Digium sell 2 port PRI cards that support E1. TE200 series. I use
    them like this to connect to old ISDN PBX. There’s no need for an extra
    box in the middle, just put the ISDN PCI card directly into your
    Asterisk system.