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I’m experimenting with using a port other than 5060 on one of our
asterisk servers.

Does anyone know how to change the target port on a Snom phone.
I have tried adding : to the end of the registrar but
this doesn’t work.
Advanced -> SIP/RTP -> Network identity(port) is something else before
anyone suggests it.

Thanks in advance


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  • It should do. Try putting : into Outbound Proxy and
    leave the Registrar box just set to .

    Can you email me off list (since this isn’t really Asterisk related and
    a snom support issue, which I can help with) with some details and
    ideally a SIP trace?


  • Closing this question with a final message including the [SOLVED] phrase
    will definitely help the community I think. At least I am interested in
    knowing the answer or final conclusion, would appreciated that very much.


    *José Pablo Méndez*