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I am looking for a really good SIP conference room phone for use with
asterisk. I do not like Polycom at all. What would you all recommend? I
have to be able to get them in the US. I found several that looked good but
could not get them. And yes cost does matter but quality is the most
important thing.



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  • I guess on a similar vein, anyone have a lower-cost option instead of
    Polycom? We have customers asking for something about half the price for
    small conference rooms and light usage.

    2012/1/5 José Pablo Méndez Soto

  • Some ideas:

    We have tested all of these in our lab but I would prefer not to be too verbose about my preferences on a mailing list.

    Please feel free to call me if you want more detail,
    (804) 412-1601
    Skype: cbsi_jamie

    Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2012 1:06 PM

    Hello Bryant,

    Have you seen the snom meetingpoint?

    I don’t own one, but it looks like a fine piece of hardware. And snom is manufacturer of supported phones for Microsoft’s Lync server (must say something their quality right?)

    Doubles Polycom price though…

    José Pablo Méndez

    I am looking for a really good SIP conference room phone for use with asterisk. I do not like Polycom at all. What would you all recommend? I have to be able to get them in the US. I found several that looked good but could not get them. And yes cost does matter but quality is the most important thing.


  • This doesn’t qualify as ‘non-Polycom’ and it appears to be more
    expensive than the SoundStation IP5000, since it is basically an IP5000
    plus analog connectivity. Although in my personal opinion, it’s really
    hard to beat the IP5000.

  • There was an interesting flamewar one day in the Asterisk IRC channel over
    Polycom love/hate. We fall into the hate category here, and hope to never
    have to deal with them. If there was an SPA-series conference phone, we’d
    all rejoice.

  • I find that the bottom line of all polycom haters is ones inability of
    comprehending the config files and not in its quality.
    However check out Panasonic. They make a sip conference phone.

  • Thank you for your responses. No where did I say I hate polycom phones. I personally do not like their approach to sip as a company. Their audio quality is top notch but for me the rest leaves me wanting. Has anyone used the newer snom conference room phone?

    Bryant Zimmerman

  • If the Snom conference phone is anything like their deskphone speakerphone
    I would stay away. We purchased Snom 360s for the large number of BLF and
    VPN capability. However I quickly had complaints about the speakerphone.
    Additionally the user interface was laggy. I’ve tried changing settings and
    they still sound like a non duplex speakerphone. I only have a few Snom
    phones left and everything else is Polycom. You can’t beat their sound
    quality and the user interface is responsive. If you keep an eye out on the
    clearance deals at you can sometimes grab a Polycom
    speakerphone for a great price.


  • We have no problem with their config files. They are no worse than
    anything else, including the SPA series phones that we greatly prefer over
    the Polycom. The Polycom phones simply are more effort and more
    time-consuming than the SPA phones, and some others (though there are worse
    phones). We hate working with them for a wide variety of reasons, but the
    config files are certainly not one of them.

    I didn’t know about the conference phone from them. We sell their wireless
    phones and found them extremely annoying to learn to configure, with lots
    of quirks and bugs, but once they are working they are good. Once you get
    to know the oddities and have a suitable provisioning server set up,
    deploying more is no problem. Troubleshooting is annoying because the
    documentation is poor and there are lots of quirks/bugs/unexpected

    User acceptance on the Panasonic is very good.

  • Carlos-
    Sorry if this is too much of a digression but this piqued my interest as
    I’ve been pretty happy with Polycom in my limited experience (haven’t used
    the SPAs much, just Yealink & Polycom, and an occasional Snom here and
    there). If the config files were not the issue for you, then what _were_
    the problems?


  • The first thing that comes to mind is the long boot time for the Polycoms,
    which I know has improved in recent models but is still longer than the
    SPA. If we’re troubleshooting or experimenting with changes this is
    annoying. The Polycoms pull down a lot of data when they boot, and we’ve
    not figure out a way to prevent that. We have a lot of customers on WiMAX
    connections where the voice runs on a separate VLAN for quality guarantee,
    but it has very limited bandwidth because only voice should be on it. If a
    customer with Polycoms and this connection reboots a phone, it floods the
    voice VLAN. We’ve all found that we prefer to use the SPA’s web UI a lot
    more than the Polycom. And the SPA has a very nice and easy to use
    encrypted configuration system that is preferable for a hosted service
    provider like us where the configs travel the wild internet.

    How do you like the Yealink phones? Is the cheap price worth it? We
    looked at them a long time ago but there were some issues that prevented us
    using them (centered around secure config over the internet).

  • We have a couple of customers using the Snom MeetingPoint and they are
    very happy with them.

  • “Luke Hamburg” writes:

    “A button has been pressed. Polycom must reboot for the change to take
    effect. Reboot now (Y/N)?”. Yes it’s a recycled Windows joke, but it
    applies much better to Polycom than it did to Windows. It is IMHO a bit
    mean to use Polycom’s in the Asterisk exam; the difficulty of passing
    the exam is quite high if you haven’t worked with them before. Pretty
    much anything else is quicker to get to basic working state.

    Of course, once you get provisioning working they are excellent phones.


  • You got me. At first the polycom world was hard to get into. But with a little effort to understand the configs and the joys of central provisioning the Polycom are my go to endpoint. Couple the endless configurablity with Polycom quilaty and I have many happy clients.

    As an aside is that what they use on the dCap? I have been meaning to get that when time allows.



  • So are the Konftel conference room phones any good?


    Bryant Zimmerman (ZK Tech Inc.)

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