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On 01/05/12 16:42, Joseph wrote:
>I just noticed after upgrade from Asterisk 1.4.39 to 1.8.8
>my caller ID is not working
>WARNING[1671]: chan_sip.c:13956 check_auth: username mismatch, have <11>, digest has >NOTICE[1671]: chan_sip.c:22048 handle_request_invite: Failed to authenticate device “KMIEC Z” ;tag=1c976040515

I had this problem before and was able to solve it:

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  • Wish not granted !!! 🙂 You will be the guinea pig to new features !!!

    Same issue with A2Billing connecting to Asterisk. With older version this
    problem is not there.


  • Joseph wrote:

    Easy fix.
    STOP using the latest and “greatest” or even near latest.

    Revert to a version that works for your specific application, and leave
    it alone.

    I am in a community that uses mostly 1.4, some 1.2, even a couple that
    still use 1.0, with a very few using 1.6 or 1.8
    I remember 1.4 went through many versions with certain technologies
    broken, then fixed, then broken again

    John Novack

  • Solved it again :-/
    This time in sip.conf the pstn line must have:

    I was happy with Asterisk 1.4.39 till Gentoo gurus removed it from portage under the “vulnerability” umbrella.
    I try to stay with portage when it comes to package upgrade it is easier to manage package but whey they are upgrading new packages and introducing more bugs I don’t like
    it. I have to waste my time hunting for solution and if I’ll be lucky I’ll find one :-/

    I think I will compile version outside portage and don’t have to worry about upgrades version that don’t work correctly.
    The biggest problem with Linux is frequent updates and screw-ups that comes with it!

  • All “screwing up with Asterisk” is supposed to be documented in the relevant UPGRADE*.txt files. Have you checked them?

  • ” is supposed to be” but does NOT happen. There are many examples of
    regressions introduced after many complains on the forum of a broken

  • Correct, but the changes to the insecure= item is clearly documented in the UPGRADE-1.6.txt file

    * SIP: The old “insecure” options, deprecated in 1.4, have been removed.
    “insecure=very” should be changed to “insecure=port,invite”
    “insecure=yes” should be changed to “insecure=port”
    Be aware that some telephony providers show the invalid syntax in their
    sample configurations.

  • I’ve tried putting even “wait(7) it didn’t help.
    The problem is I’m getting this error:

    WARNING[2344]: chan_sip.c:13930 check_auth: username mismatch, have <11>, digest has NOTICE[2344]: chan_sip.c:21989 handle_request_invite: Failed to authenticate device “KMIEC Z” ;tag=1c283128597

  • Check your sip.conf and users.conf – my guess is that the pstn-1270 is an
    assigned value that you need to remove or comment out.

  • What do you mean “assigned value”

    My user.conf:
    fullname = New User
    userbase = 6000
    hasvoicemail = yes
    vmsecret = 1234
    hassip = yes
    hasiax = yes
    hasmanager = no
    callwaiting = yes
    threewaycalling = yes
    callwaitingcallerid = yes
    transfer = yes
    canpark = yes
    cancallforward = yes
    callreturn = yes
    callgroup = 1
    pickupgroup = 1


    canreinvite=no ; (dtmf not wroking correctly without this one)

  • Putting in a Wait(n) is only (sometimes) needed to wait for the CallerID NAME on PRI or BRI.

  • If I don’t get the WARNING above the caller ID comes through just find, so it is not the “wait(n)” state.