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Hello List,

I work in an environment where I have to request IPTABLES
changes rather than doing them myself. Is there a way to utilize my SSH
(port 22) to get a functional (and with good sound) Asterisk installation
with multiple channels up without requesting the 5060(SIP) 5061 (TLS) and
UDP/RTP (usually 10001-20000) IPTABLES allowances?


Danny Nicholas

3 thoughts on - NAT/IPTABLES workarounds

  • Not with SIP as it needs a port for signaling (usually 5060) and RTP
    ports for sending the actual voice packets. So for SIP you will always
    need multiple ports. If you can use IAX then you could use port 22 as
    IAX only needs one port. The question is how are you going to SSH into
    the box if you use the SSH port for Asterisk?


  • It is not practical (although not impossible) to run UDP over an SSH
    tunnel. Since VoIP media is generally transported over UDP, this will be
    a major obstacle.