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Hi All,
I am having an issue with layer 2 in BRi connection configured using Misdn:
after the BRI line working fine, a technician from our phone company came
in to add another number, after testing with his ISDN phone and BRI line is
working, from our asterisk server it is not :(.
When I check ports with “misdn show port x” it says:

* Port 4 Type TE Prot. PMP L2Link DOWN L1Link:UP Blocked:0 Debug:7
(as you can see here L1Link=UP *but* L2Link=DOWN)

since we didn’t change any setting from our end, it maybe an change from
our phone provider end that caused to have a *mismatch in the layer 2

*what we tried is:*
– we did reboot our phone system several times.
– I did reconfigure the ISDN trunk setting to refresh things (*using the
same config that worked before*)
– I did use another phone system that was not used before (to eliminate the
possibility that our current phone system has hardware issues) with no
success, it *displaying the same Layer 2 issue found*.
– I turned debugging on when making calls, it shows that calls go through
as programmed but it hits a down line (because of L2 issue) :