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Dear All;

Anyone used GoAutoDialer or ViciDial or ViciDial group and can advise if they are good and stable with asterisk. Appreciate if any advise.

I am using asterisk and need to use outbound dialer and really caring for the below 3 things to be possible to be applied (all togethor to be applied, not to apply one of it and not apply the other) and I need advise to know which product (GoAutodial, vicidial or vicidial group) can support (if it supports) those three requirements all togethor:

1) When the call will happen, we need to hear at the phone what is happenning (if it is ringing, or it is busy tone or answer machine or fax detection).

2) While calling with the customer, if the call disconnected then I need to resume the call, so the next call should not come until I decide to move for the next call. But after certain time, if I did not move for the next call, the next call should come automatically.

3) All of those things to be reported.

Now, if I need to do modification (ability to modify) and ability to Integrate with the CRM (other than vtiger .. we have our own CRM), can we do this? Using an APIs or using the source code?

What to use? Vicidial or GoAutodial or Vicidial group? Actually I am not able to determine exactly the difference and when to go for this.

Note: Asterisk already installed with its Digium card.

By the way: All of those open source?