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I am using my first PAP2 device from linksys. Used many polycom phones…

I configured the PAP2 device with asterisk. I have the registration,
thought I was good to go.
Plugged in my Valcom 2924 public address analog connection, called the
and I got busy… very strange I thought.

I then looked at the status page of the PAP2 and it says the following
Reg online and hook state OFF.

How do I get the hookstate to be ON so that I can call into the device?

I have power cycled it and it always shows hookstate OFF.



One thought on - Question on PAP2 linksys showing off-hook

  • Il 30/11/2011 14.38, Jerry Geis ha scritto:

    Not so strange 😉

    According to the Valcom 2924 manual it is designed to connect to an
    analog phone or a pbx analog c.o. port.
    So you’re connecting the PAP2 FXS port to another pbx port… the one on
    Valcom, not only can’t work but may damage one or both devices.