Does IEEE 801.2q include VLAN trunking?

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Hello List,

I’m a little bit confused as I read about IEEE 801.2.q
So, my actual question is: Does a switch stating to support IEEE 801.2q
also supports VLAN trunking?

As I understand the standard, I suppose it does, but I’m not sure.

Can someone clarify this for me, please?
Thank you vermy much.

Best regards,

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  • Ruben Rögels wrote:

    I don’t know if you miss-typed or not. But, 802.1q is VLAN. If it was
    typed incorrectly, then yes. I just recently setup a Linux DHCP to
    handle multiple networks with VLAN 802.1q trunking.


  • Hi Doug,

    thank you very much for your response, it is very helpful to me.
    Yes, I misstyped it, it was supposed to be IEEE 802.1q

  • Yes. That’s exactly what 802.1q is. Technically 802.1q allows the network devices to tag each Ethernet frame with a VLAN ID. This way if you have 3 vlans, they can all be “trunked” over 1 Ethernet port by means of tagging the VLAN ID.

    Doug Mortensen
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