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Hi All,

While I’m certainly comfortable compiling from sources, I’m trying to do an
rpm only asterisk install on CentOS 5.7. I’m using the asterisk
repositories and I installed all the asterisk18 rpms, but find that
chan_gtalk and res_jabber are missing.

Is there a separate rpm that includes support for gtalk?

Thanks in advance.


3 thoughts on - chan_gtalk and res_jabber missing?

  • It has been almost a year since I suggested to consider including these
    into the RPM build. There was no friction ever since, and I am building
    from sources too…

    It seems the RPM maintainers think that Google Voice connectivity is an
    experimental feature and thus it should not be included in the RPM. Or
    maybe their logic is different. The end result is the same.


  • Do you build from source and copy and to the
    rpm installed directories? Or have you just given up on the packages and
    instead build from source?

  • I just go through the whole process.

    * ./configure
    * make menu
    * make
    * make install

    I tried building pieces but then ran into the problem where Asterisk was
    not happy with “different” version of my modules. I tried to inquire
    what specific flags or other parameters I needed to use while compiling
    so that my modules would be accepted into the RPM delivered Asterisk,
    but ran into the same wall of silence.

    As I maintain all other components by “yum update” I need to install
    Asterisk and then overwrite it by “make install”. The same with DAHDI.
    Not very elegant or convenient.