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I’m giving Adhearsion a try on a Debian Squeeze.

I read here (
that the command “sudo gem install adhearsion” should “automatically add
the ahn command to your system”.
On mine I can’t run ahn without specifying full path

Did I miss something ?


2 thoughts on - Install Adhearsion on Debian

  • Was your PATH variable modified to add /var/lib/gems/1.8/bin perhaps?
    If so, you would need to start a new terminal session if it was loaded
    in .bashrc (if you’re using bash) in your home directly (or log out of
    your existing session and log back in).

  • 2011/11/25 John Knight

    No I didn’t.
    I would have thought that rubygems installation should car of this (adding
    installed gems into users paths).
    As I’m new to Ruby, I wondered if I forgot something (before or after gem
    install adhearsion).

    To be more specific, I followed instructions from, using System
    Ruby option and skipping

    gem update –system

    Is it standard to add a path for each gem installed ?