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Hello again list,

I’m running a 1.4.42 install on SUSE with an
AEX410P card. The DAHDI release is 2.4.0 because the machine won’t properly
install 2.5 and also won’t install Asterisk 10.0 because I can’t get a good
SQLite3 library to install. Whenever I enter DTMF very quickly or very
slowly, app_read des on me. Has anyone experienced similar joy using DAHDI
drivers? I’ve piddled with channel.c and app_read.c trying to tame this
beast but it seems to have the better of me.

Thanks in advance

Danny Nicholas

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  • Care to elaborate? Build issue? Install issue?

    What version of SUSE?

    Package from your repository?

    What port is it? FXS or FXO?

    If you want to record the audio at the DAHDI level:

    dahdi_monitor 1 -r dtmf.wav

    (and press ctrl-c to stop recording)

  • What is the version of the SUSE distribution?

    Any chance sqlite is sqlite3? What is the version number of that

  • Server is SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 for AMD64(TM) & Intel(R) EM64T

    Here is the SQLITE info
    │ │Name │Avail. Vers.│Inst. Vers.│Summary
    │Size │
    │ │mono-data-sqlite│ │ │Database connectivity for
    Mono │ 73.0 K│ │
    │ i │perl-DBD-SQLite │1.11 │1.11 │The DBD::SQLite is a self
    contained RDBMS in a DBI driver│ 92.5 K│ │
    │ │php5-sqlite │5.1.2 │ │PHP5 Extension Module
    │ 354.6 K│ │
    │ │qt-sql-sqlite │4.1.0 │ │Qt 4 sqlite plugin
    │ 41.0 K│ │
    │ i │sqlite │3.2.8 │3.2.8 │Embeddable SQL Database
    Engine │ 381.7 K│ │
    │ i │sqlite-32bit │3.2.8 │3.2.8 │Embeddable SQL Database
    Engine │ 327.0 K│ │
    │ │sqlite-devel │3.2.8 │ │Embeddable SQL Database
    Engine │ 1.5 M│ │
    │ i │sqlite2 │2.8.17 │2.8.17 │Embeddable SQL Database
    Engine │ 322.5 K│ │
    │ │sqlite2-32bit │2.8.17 │ │Embeddable SQL Database
    Engine │ 280.2 K│ │
    │ i │sqlite2-devel │2.8.17 │2.8.17 │Embeddable SQL Database
    Engine │ 1.1 M│ │

  • What would cause this?
    [Nov 22 11:34:08] WARNING[12709]: db.c:131 init_stmt: Couldn’t prepare statement ‘CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS astdb(key VARCHAR(256), value VARCHAR(256), PRIMARY KEY(key))’: near “NOT”: syntax error
    [Nov 22 11:34:08] WARNING[12709]: db.c:176 db_create_astdb: Couldn’t create astdb table: near “NOT”: syntax error

  • Just to update you, I got Asterisk 10 up and running by modifying main/db.c to open astdb2 instead of astdb and modified safe_asterisk to drop the astdb2 table on each restart. All of my testing on 10.0 has not repeated the dropped digit or app_read failing problems.