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Hi all,

Do you have an idea on the best way on how to implement a system with
multiple Asterisk servers with BLF working in such a way that a peer on one
server can subscribe to another peer on the other server in a seamless
manner? Has anyone set-up a system like this before?



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  • Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    On the website of OpenAIS, it seems that it is not supported anymore and
    their download links (FTP and SVN) are broken (been trying it for about a
    month now). Is it still possible to use OpenAIS method? The other solution
    on the wiki is using XMPP which is for jabber. IMHO, it means that the XMPP
    solution can’t be used on SIP peers, right?


  • Hi Ronald

    I took a bit of interest in your problem as I’m going to have to be
    doing the same thing in a few weeks.

    oenais is in the yum repositories so you can install from there if using
    redhat/centos based OS

    It is also in apt repositories if you’re using a debian based OS

    Let me know how you get on


  • Hi Ishfaq,

    Thanks for your reply. I’ve already started trying the XMPP method so I
    can’t help you with the AIS method as of the moment. I’ll let you know the
    result of my test.


  • Me too, an maybe other people on the list are interested in knowing
    your effort result and maybe appreciate a guide on the topic.

    Thank you


    2012/1/13 Ronald Cepres :

  • Hi to all,

    I’ve managed to get the XMPP PubSub method to work on my set-up! Just
    carefully follow these instructions on the wiki:

    Maybe this IRC log would also help you troubleshoot:

    One thing I noticed though is that if you do a “devstate list”, the state
    is sometimes not the same as listed in “core show hints” (core show hints
    has the correct state). Nevertheless, BLF works good for me.

    BTW, has anyone on the list tried out the AIS method yet? I’m a bit curious
    which method is better.