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I have a home asterisk box which connects to the office asterisk, so I
can just dial extensions.

This used to work just fine. I’m using 10.0-rc1 on the home box,
on the office. But it doesn’t work now:

[Nov 14 18:38:19] NOTICE[21563]: chan_sip.c:13161 sip_reg_timeout: —
Registration for ‘sip@‘ timed out, trying again (Attempt #86)

I first thought it was some fall out of the new upgrade to 10.0-rc1, but
now I’m not sure.

Even with verbose at 6 I don’t see anything on the office console about
the attempted registration.

And on the office:

lsof -i:5060
asterisk 2045 asterisk 15u IPv4 23030 0t0 UDP *:sip


telnet localhost 5060
telnet: connect to address Connection refused

iptables is set to allow 5060 udp and tcp. And I’ve flushed iptables,
but still no luck.

I can ssh into the office box from the home box. The office box is
directly connected, the home nat’ed.

Any help really appreciated.


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  • You’re not going to get a telnet connection on port 5060, since that’s tcp and sip uses UDP.

    Use tcpdump/wireshark on your office pbx to see if the packets are getting to you. If not, then there’s something wrong inbetween.

    A firewall misconfig, perhaps. Or the unthinkable: your home ISP has started filtering 5060.

  • Telnet is TCP while SIP is usually UDP.

    The ‘Connection refused’ just means you don’t have telnetd running (a good
    thing) or anything else (xinetd, honeypot, etc.) listening on that TCP
    port. is assigned to the ‘lo’ (‘loopback’) interface and probably not
    filtered by your iptables rules.

    If you enable SIP debugging on your home and office Asterisk servers, does
    that yield any clues?

    tshark and wireshark may also yield clues.