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Hi All,

Hopefully this is considered on-topic for this list.

I’m using DumpChan(1001) in a Macro called debug in order to debug issues
within the dialplan, I would like to dump this output to a file
specifically for DumpChan output but I’m having issues with figuring out
how to do this under logger.conf. Ideally I would like to put DumpChan into
SQL using func_ODBC but it seems that you can’t do this so runner up is a

Anyone have any pointers on how to do this? I would like to log DumpChan
output and only DumpChan output to a separate file.


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  • Hello,
    Reading about the application DumpChan() shows this:

    Dump Info About The Calling Channel.

    Displays information on channel and listing of all channel variables. If
    is specified, output is only displayed when the verbose level is
    currently set to that number or greater.


    So in theory its just another Verbose output on CLI, you can separate
    Verbose logging to another file in logger.conf. Your verbose level is 1001
    so whenever you set “core set verbose 1001” this DumpChan() application
    will start dumping output in CLI and then fro there be logged in the
    Verbose logging file.

    I don’t think this is exactly what you require.

  • Hi Sammy,

    It’s a good start, Atleast being split it is handy, Ideally I’d to be able
    to spit DumpChan output direct to JabberSend or func_ODBC but I fear this
    will require someone who know’s C to alter the module. I think i’m going to
    have to just use JabberSend for each variable I use and the channel details
    which is going to blow out the size of the dialplan a bit but I cant see
    another way around it


  • If you call DumpChan from an AGI you should be able to read the response programmatically and then dump the data into a database. Cleans up your dialplan but requires some scripting or programming knowledge (php, perl, bash or even C) in order to write the AGI.