Warning from Exchange Calendar

I’m trying to get an Exhange 2003 calendar working with asterisk 10.0.0-rc1

I keep getting this warning and the calendar always returns free even
though it should be busy:

[Nov 12 13:14:39] WARNING[28787]: res_calendar_exchange.c:411
exchangecal_request: Unknown response to CalDAV calendar 1901_298,
request SEARCH to https://webmail.b42.dk//exchange/: 440 Login Timeout

When i go to the URL “https://webmail.b42.dk/exchange/ts/” I can login
with the username/password i use in calendar.conf.

This is my calendar.conf
type = exchange
waittime = 30
refresh = 5
timeframe = 60
url = https://webmail.b42.dk/exchange/ts/
user = ts
secret = *********
channel = SIP/200_298
context = phones_298
extension = 1901-Reminder
autoreminder = 0

voip31*CLI> calendar show calendars
Calendar Type Status

One Response to “Warning from Exchange Calendar”

  1. Terry Wilson said:

    Nov 12, 11 at 1:35 pm

    When you manually attempt to log in, are you doing it from the Asterisk machine? Perhaps there is a firewall rule blocking your request or a proxy server is needed?