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If you are providing a hosted phone system to customers, how do you deliver the calls?

If you are a end user, how does your provider deliver the calls to you?

The reason I ask is I read and hear a lot of issues where people are getting dropped calls or service being completely down because
the end user is receiving their SIP connections over the internet, the local cable/dsl provider.

What should an end user look for in a ISP/ITSP when choosing a VoIP provider in regards to the most reliable service?

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  • We provide hosted service to small and medium business customers. We allow
    customers to use their own low-end internet service if they are small, with
    lots of warnings about potential issues. Our most reliable “enterprise”
    quality connection comes from a local WiMAX-based ISP. They provide a VLAN
    right to our gear in shared facilities with guaranteed 3ms latency and
    essentially no jitter, MOS scoring, the works. Unfortunately finding
    another one of these in another city is not easy.

    If a customer wants to use their own DSL/cable service, we do some testing
    to try to get a feel for the quality of the connection. We also eliminate
    old routers that may not deal with VoIP well. There’s no way to guarantee
    this connection, but we have some reasonable success with them, as well as
    some glaring problems with certain locations. We’ve figured out what parts
    of the city are problematic or reliable for each of the carriers. One that
    has worked particularly well is Integra with their bonded DSL server (two
    bonded DSL circuits).